In Silent Shades of Lazy Grey.


Vignette Vignette Vignette

Was it yesterday? I don’t know. Was I dreaming or did I lose everything I believed in?

Skin: Lily (Natural, Sugar) by [Hush]
Hair: Ebony (Espresso) by Truth (Mesh)
Eyes: Real Eyes (B110) by Mojo

T-shirt: Koi Koi (Black) by Miseria
Tank: HotMess Mesh Top by Apple May Designs (Mesh)
Trousers: Jeanius! (Black) by Veschi
Paintbrush: Brush 2 by VOONER (Part of the MARTI bag (Art) set)
Scarf: Boho Scarf (Splash) by Apple May Designs
Bag: Leather Satchel (Beaver) by Maitreya
Shoes: Les Talons Ixia (Noir) by AZOURY

On location: Celoe, MAYFAIR (75, 147, 23)


Somewhere Around the End.


Vignette Vignette Vignette

Fresh and green and sunny, with your long hair skimming the daisies…

Skin: ArieL by Mother Goose’s
Hair: Susanna (Rain Mud, Long) by [kik]
Eyes: Surrealist Eyes (Blue and Green Hazen) by Kunstkammer
Freckles: Beauty Mark A+B (Freckles) by Shakeup!
Make-up: Soft Black Eyeliner by Esk-Imo (Free gift)

Top: Peasant/Gypsy Top (White) by Swanky
Jumper: Ava Sweater (White) by (Chemistry) (Mesh)
Skirt: Mesh Pleated Skirt (Black Tartan) by michi Yuu (Mesh)
Tights: Tights (Knitted) by G-series*
Socks: Knit Overknee Socks (Red) by INDI Designs
Glasses: Dorkies (Black) by Ten Penny
Scarf: Muffler by Kurotsubaki (Free gift)
Bag: Straw Tote Bag (Dark Brown) by Mon Tissu
Bracelets: Pearl Rain Bracelet (White) by Mandala (Part of a set)
Shoes: Lazy Reg Boots (Black) by Death Row Designs

On location: End of Time, Crow (125, 143, 21)

Kawaii Desu Ne!


Vignette Vignette Vignette

Well, I’m off on holiday for a week, sobs. To make up for my forthcoming absence, here’s not one but THREE outfits; all featuring items from the Kawaii Fair (and as many freebies as I could fit in!). The truth of it is, I couldn’t decide what to blog – so I blogged it all 😀

Visit the Kawaii Fair!

Also, today’s photo location is well worth a visit; switch run on and pretend you’re Sonic!

Look One

Skin: Anna Skin (Cocoa 2) by Art Body Store
Hair: Yummy Hair (Black/Red) by Yulicie (Kawaii Fair gift)
*Eyes: Scenic Eyes (Bistre) by Glow Studio

Top: Mesh Chiffon Top (Green) by michi Yuu (Mesh)
Trousers: Baggy Pants (Tartan Brown) by Tentacio (Mesh)
Necklace: Kawaii Mushroom Necklace (Teal) by Lolapop! (Kawaii Fair gift)
Socks: Bunny Socks (Beige) by Yulicie

Look Two

Skin: Lili Skin by CENSORED
*Hair: Ki (Brown Pack) by Magika
Eyes: Kawaii Fuze Eyes (Grey) by SPLASH
Make-up: Lashes 1 by CENSORED (Kawaii Fair gift)

Hoodie: Kawaii Hooded (Brown) by Tentacio (Mesh)
Skirt: Mesh Pleated Skirt (Retro) by michi Yuu (Mesh)
Ring: Kawaii Balloon Ring by HollyWeird (Kawaii Fair gift)
Bag: Travel Bag by Tentacio (Kawaii Fair gift)
Shoes: Mesh Flats (Silver) by Useful Things

Look Three

Skin: Lili Skin by CENSORED
Hair: Miya Hair (Blonde) by CENSORED (Kawaii Fair gift)
Eyes: Kawaii Floral Eyes (Black) by SPLASH

Dress: Zoo Sweater (Giraffe) by *Anymore (Mesh)
Tights: Tights (Dark grey) by *Anymore
Necklace: White Swan by Lemur
Bag: Totoro Sidebag by Razzberry Inc.
Faun avatar: Faun by michi Yuu (Kawaii Fair gift)

On location: PICO PICO LIFE, LEA19 (60, 178, 25)

* before a item means you can’t buy it at the Kawaii Fair.

Sequins and Pearls and the Inside Rain.


Vignette Vignette Vignette

What an artificial, broken-down paradise this place is.

Skin: Cherie (Tan) by DrLife
Hair: Sybille 2 (Night Shadow) by Wasabi Pills (Mesh)
Eyes: Leena Eyeballs (Kyung) by DrLife

Tank: Sheer Comfort (Pitch Black, New) by Atomic
Top: Cleo Sequin Top (Black) by Ricelli (Mesh, fatpack 75L from the Marketplace!)
Skirt: Gauzy Skirt (Graphire) by Mon Tissu
Leggings: Corduroy Treggings (Black) by Fishy Strawberry
Earrings: Dita Earrings by Donna Flora (Part of a set)
Necklace: Dita Necklace by Donna Flora (Part of a set)
Boots: Megas Boots (Black) by TEN”10 (Mesh)

On location: The Offworld Colonies, Bladerunner City (205, 165, 360)

And the World is Turning, to a Different Beat.


Vignette Vignette Vignette

Smiling and keeping your childhood dreams all to yourself.

Skin: Lene by Mother Goose’s (Lucky board)
Hair: Dominique (Wild honey) by Wasabi Pills (Mesh)
Eyes: Leena Eyeballs (Kyung) by DrLife

Top: Cropped Tee (Creme) by Vive9
Jacket: Fur Trimmed Coat (Brown) by Mon Tissu
Shorts: Full Shorts (Brown) by Tres Blah
Socks: Moth Stockings (Silver) by Rotten Toe
Necklace: My Little Owl Necklace (Brown) by Sweet Leonard
Bag: Sophmore Satchel (Floral) by Mon Tissu (New)
Belt: Ikat Sash 2 by Meena (Free)
Boots: Timber Boots (Natural) by Miel

On location: Noweeta Grassland, Pink Flamingo (61, 73, 26)

I’ll have that with extra cheese.

In the High Part of the Town.


Vignette Vignette Vignette

Because where could be higher than Paris’s most beloved cathedral?

Skin: Cherie (Tan) by DrLife
Hair: Joanna 2 (Thoughtful Brown) by
Eyes: Scenic Eyes (Bistre) by Glow Studio

Blouse: Bow Tie Blouse (Black) by Izzie’s
Jacket: Classic Pinstripe Blazer (Cream) by Fashionz!
Skirt: Anais Skirt (Birds, Beige) by Maitreya (Mesh)
Tights (not seen): “Loulou” Stockings (Brown, Back Seam) by Gracile
Hat: “I Hate Birds” Cocktail Hat by (Pirschjaeger)
Earrings: Fanciers Best Earrings (Silver) by Undefined Lillies
Feathers: A Few Feathers Boa (Black) by Laville
Brooch: Fanciers Best Brooch (Silver) by Undefined Lillies
Bag: Leather Satchel (Beaver) by Maitreya (Mesh)
Shoes (not seen): Loafer Pumps (Black) by ANEXX

On location: Notre-Dame, Paris 1900 (40, 104, 24)

Waiting for an Undine.


Vignette Vignette Vignette

Allow me to be very geeky for a second. I found this wonderful Venice sim a few weeks ago and was charmed to discover it has Japanese builders. At this point I dared to hope that somewhere in the build there would be some reference to my favourite manga series, ARIA; back in the days when I was a anime/manga fanatic. Thus I went into geekery overload when I came across Alicia’s gondola moored near the Rialto Bridge (just look at that goofy grin). Whoever built this, I salute you (and your good taste in anime!).

Skin: Grace Skin (Buff, Electric) by Atomic (The Dressing Room Blue)
Eyes: Leena Eyeballs (Leena) by DrLife
Hair: Sweet Jane (Snickers) by !lamb.
Eyelashes: Eyelashes: Wild Full Thick Black Lashes by Gossamer Jewellery (Mesh)
Make-up: Allure Cocktail Eye Shadow (Pink) by Fishy Strawberry (The Dressing Room Blue)
Make-up: Allure Faded Lipstick (Nude Dark) by Fishy Strawberry (The Dressing Room Blue)

Dress: Priss (Bone) by Geometry (Mesh)
Cardigan: Cardigan (Lace) by COCO
Tights: Bliss 4 tights (Pale Rosed) by jOLIE! (70L for a pack of four!)
Flower: Hibi Hair Flower (Pink) by Artilleri
Necklace: Night of Angels by Pixel Box
Shoes: Illaida Mojri (Mocha) by Zaara

On location: Venezia City Showcase, Prada (99, 117, 22)